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Qubahan Organization for Development (QoD)

Qubahan Organization for Development (QoD), founded in 2017 in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI, by a group of academics and professionals who have gained their experiences through their work with international and local organizations which operating in the region, after the large displacement from various Iraqi provinces and Syrian to KRI. Economic crisis and the war against the armed groups negatively affected on the impact of the province of public services in KRI and the other Iraqi regions. Furthermore, the education and health sectors have been affected, and the development and support of the infrastructure for culture and arts have been halted. All of these reasons pushed to establish and effective organization that able to work with other stakeholders and partners to develop the aforementioned sector and try to catch up with the rapid development in the world. With direct contact with displaced persons, Refugees and the local community, the partners and friends from the universities, organizations and media assisted the founders to prepare several preliminary studies for the important needs and requirements for developing sectors, programs, and plans have been designed based on volunteering work in cooperation with local and international partners.
Qubahan, the university school, means in Persian the collection of the doom, founded in 1534 in Amedya district in Duhok. Students from various Iraqi regions, and neighboring countries (Iran, Turkey) went to the school. The education process latest in this school for 600 years until the early 20th century, many scientists have been graduated from the schools over the ages. From the history of this prestigious school and its’ contribution to the development of the region in general, QoD in spired the basis of its work by the providing advisory and field services in development. Motto: Together, for being the best we can being.

Qubahan Organization for Development QoD

منظمة قبهان للتنمية والتطوير

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